Pam Dueck

Creator/Designer ~ Founder

My interest in Crochet Fashions started when I was a child. My mother taught me to sew at a very young age (kindergarten to be precise). I loved designing clothes for my dolls and never liked using patterns, so I would design my own. Clothing Design became my life!

When I was in junior high my grandmother came to stay with us for a while. She loved to crochet and sparked my interest in a new craft.

Later in my life I decided to combine my interest in Clothing Design and the Art of Crochet to create my own designs.

When I became a hairstylist I would crochet in my spare time and one of my clients asked if I knew how to make bikinis. I said,  “No, but I will give it a try”. My Line was born and my Passion for designing Crochet Swimwear began. So I guess I can say, “My talents began at a very young age and have been developing ever since”.


After a few years of designing bikinis, halter-tops, dresses and many other items of clothes and accessories, I decided to write a book with some of my designs to encourage a younger generation of crochet artists, “Modern Crochet for the Beach Babe Goddess”.

After being published, I found when I showed my book, women were using it like a catalogue and wanted to order one of my designs instead of making one for themselves.

This was the turning point in my life and I decided that opening my own business to sell my creations was the way to go. Thanks to my friends for encouraging my journey.

I also have experience in designing Bridal and Evening wear, Costumes for the entertainment industry and sewing clothing for friends and family.