Hobbie to Career

Recently I was reading an article about the economy and how it has affected almost every career negatively, but not the industry of hand-crafted products. This new information made me think about the hobbies that I have that I really enjoy, and how I could make them a career.

So what is it about Hand-crafted garments, ornaments, trinkets, dishware, jewellery, kid’s clothes, bedding, etc.? I believe it is the quality that goes into every stitch, carving, sculpture, brush stroke, and artistic creation. It is the love for the craft that gives each artist, designer, and creator the passion to design new ideas that appeal to many other individuals who love the work, but may not have the particular talent to create it on their own. This is what makes the industry of hand-crafted goods a demand in today’s economy. I find that the best heirlooms and important items that seem to be passed down from generation to generation, are the hand-crafted items that were created or purchased from a hand-crafting artist or family member.

My Grandmother liked to crochet and knit, my mother was an amazing seamstress and taught me everything that I know today. My interests evolved from all the crafts that my mother and her mother passed on to me. I am glad that I discovered the art of designing clothing and combining my knowledge of crochet to create beautiful garments, and swimwear, (bikinis, 1-piece bathing suits, boy shorts, Brazilian style, French-cut bottoms, 2-piece bathing suits, sports bras, criss-cross tops, halter styles, and triangle tops, as well as tiny string bikinis, skirts, wraps and dresses).

I decided to create simple designs that anyone with the interest in crochet could make themselves, with easy to learn stitches. This is when I decided to write my book, “Modern Crochet For The Beach Babe Goddess.” I combined the knowledge of simple crochet stitches and the use of another form of crafting to create beautiful creations (beading, studding, sequins, and hand-made applique, lacing, zippers, buttons, etc.) “Use your imagination and remember there are no limits to your creative ability.”

My Bikini Line “Crochet Beach Babe” began with a hobby and interest from a friend and client in having a hand-made crochet bikini designed for her vacation. I was very excited to start designing something more interesting than slippers or an afghan, (not to say they don’t mean a lot to many other people). I haven’t stopped creating swimwear and bikinis since. I really enjoy the fact that they can be made to fit each individual perfectly, and I am happy to offer custom orders to my clients.

I decided that this was my calling and began my business, Faraci Mode Designs ” Crochet Beach Babe.” I invite you to check out my designs for bikinis , 1-piece, halters, and coming soon wraps, skirts and dresses. CUSTOM ORDERS are available to fit sizes : x-small to x-large.

Pamela Dueck: Owner/ Designer

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