Hand Craft Clothing makes a Come Back

crochetHand-crafted clothing has made a come back in the last few years. Maybe it’s due to the hours of love and passion for the art, that goes into every item. Maybe it’s the quality of craftsmanship that goes into each design. All I know is that I love what I do and each bathing suit and bikini is a work of art. I feel amazing when I create a new design.

My grandmother did crochet and knitting, my mother loved to sew, as for myself I have an interest in crochet and sewing as well as crafting with beads, sequins and appliqués. I found it very encouraging when I would go shopping for yarn and would see a lot of young girls shopping for yarn. It’s nice to see that hand-crafting isn’t a lost art, but a new found art. I choose to mix sewing, crochet, and crafting, and clothing design and found a wonderful combination.

“I hope you enjoy wearing your bikinis as much as I enjoy creating them.”


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