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Customizing options: (different styles of customizing options may vary due to availability of each style, but we will find similar substitutions to keep the style you are looking for). We will always be looking for new and exciting ideas to make your bikini unique and can reflect your style.

For custom orders:

STEP1: Fill out all Measurements shown below

STEP2: Choose the item you want to customize

STEP3: Choose Color of material from Color Chart (if different from original item color)

STEP4: Choose the Add-ons from list below (add on colors referred to as secondary color)

STEP5: Mention any specific details you would like in the additional information section.

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Your Sizing Specifications

NOTE: All information must be filled out before submitting. Custom Orders will not be processed if there are missing measurements. Please refer to Sizing Chart Above

Choice of Measurement



(1) Top of Bra Cup to shoulder

(2) Height of Bra Cup

(3) Width of upper breast area

(4) Fullest Area

(5) Nipple to Nipple

(6) Under side Breast across to opposite side under Breast

(7) Front width hip to hip

(8) Top of center Front to Crotch

(9) Fullest width

(10) Crotch Width


(1) Shoulder to Top backstrap

(2) Left side of Breast across to right side of Breast

(3) Back width hip to hip

(4) Top of Center

(5) Width to cover Fullest Area

(6) Crotch Width

(7) Height of Side Section at hip

Item Stock #


Main Color (if different from original Item stock Color)
Secondary Color (color of add-ons)


Desired Area for Applique

Both Tops and BottomsTops OnlyBottoms OnlyNone

Add-ons (can choose multiple)

LipsHeartsFlowersStarsGel Bra CupsFull Lining on BottomsFull Lining on TopsNone

Choice of Flower Design

BasicFlower and VinesNone

Beading and Sequence

Top TrimBottom TrimTop & Bottom TrimFull Coverage1-Piece Trim1-Piece Full CoverageNone

Metal Studding


Additional Info

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