BIKINI FASHION & STYLES: Not Just For Models, Curves Welcome!

Sporty 2-Piece

So, here’s the deal! We as women seem to think that we have to be the perfect model body to wear a “Bikini” on a public beach, in front of people (Strangers). Who told us this? Our Mothers, Husbands, Boyfriends, Friends, Who?

At ¬†“Faraci Mode Designs” , we believe that anyone who feels Empowered and Beautiful in one of our designs should do so. Each bathing suit is created for an individual with self-confidence, inner beauty and the love for Fashion on the Beach, not just functionality.

I still believe that a woman with soft curves is the majority in our world and must be “Proud ” of it and not ashamed to show it. Go to your favorite Travel Vacation location and look around you. How many Models? How many Soft Curves? Take off the Shorts and T-shirts Ladies, and put on Your Sexy Bikini or Favorite 1-Piece. Take your Life back with Pride.






I for one have been guilty of this same thinking, covering up my curves, thinking others may be looking at me and judging my choices in showing too much.”

Designing for “Faraci Mode Designs” opened my eyes to the many possibilities and choices for swimwear (Bikinis, Tankinis, 1-Pieces, Booty shorts, Sporty swim suits, and ¬†teeny tiny Bikinis). ” My creative Model became myself, an average figure with curves, and average proportions. The feeling I received about how I looked at my body changed, discovering how sexy I felt in my creations.”


Choosing the right style and shape for your body can make your Swimwear, turn you into a Model, and make you Proud to be a very” Beautiful Goddess on Your Beach.”

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